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Perfect Screen Shot Ultra

Perfect Screenshot is available on Google Play. The ultimate screenshot decorating app for Android. It supports all of today's hottest devices, like the Nexus 5 & 7, Galaxy S4 & 5, Note 2 & 3 and HTC One M7 & M8. It even supports the OnePlus One, LG G2 & G3 as well as Sony Xperia line.

With the app, you can easily import your existing screen shots and add decorations like screen glare, shadows, drop shadows and colored backgrounds to give your screenshots an authentic and dramatic presence. Then use the app to share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other app platform. Cloud updates also make sure you get the fastest, easiest image updates possible.

The Ultra version includes extra features like 6 smart background colors, background images, naked frames, and more.

Great !! Great utility tool for screenshots and them themers and android enthusiasts !! Great for anyone who's into theming and wants to show off their screen !!

Anudeep R

Dress up your screens Dead simple, perfect execution.

Nicoel M

Top Notch The Best

Nick B

Great Job I use it almost everyday. and love the choices by device.

Rod K

Gorgeous... This app is smooth & very detailed. Making screenshots personal or for business, this is the app to have. Very well thought out & it makes beautiful designs of your work! Install now...

Dei G

Best screenshot app out! Very customized and the Dev is always listening. A must have!

Jay R